Get private tours in and around the city. Learn about the real Medellín from a local’s perspective. With us you get business and entertainment recommendations, good company and translation. Everything you need while your stay here.

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Tours by Locals Medellín offers personalized travel services to meet your needs. We give you everything you need to make sure your vacation in Medellín is a good one.


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We are here to make sure you get the best vacation experience possible. If you have any special needs or requirements get in touch and we will make it happen.


All our services includes personal driver, company, translation, guide tour, gas, parking and taxes.


We offer competitive flat rates for airport pickups and hourly rates for tours and travel. All our services includes personal driver, company, translation, guide tour, gas, parking and taxes.



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$15(USD) per hr.

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Why Medellín?
Medellin lives an incredible moment. The second metropolis of Colombia has shaken off its violent history and is a true epicenter of innovation. It is a dynamic, interconnected place, full of possibilities: it has different culinary spaces, a vibrant artistic scene and a creative air in its streets. The city of eternal spring never stops growing.


Tours by Locals Medellin aims to provide the very best in personalized private tour services in Medellin. We provide you with an immersive experience throughout Medellin. Learn about its history and culture. Have fun during city tours to beautiful locales and exciting night tours to the best bars, restaurants and shows the city has to offer.

I’m Estefa Gutiérrez, the founder of Tours by Locals Medellin. Since its creation the company has stood out in the tourist market as a promoter of private tours, guided tours and translation. We also provide assistance services to English-speaking customers, generating connections between customers and different commercial areas of the city, such as private drivers, translators, small business in the hotel sector, travel agencies and more.




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Here's what my valued customers have to say.

  • After arrival i took care of business, details, local phone and some grocery shopping with invaluable assistance of local female guide Estefania who can be found on Colombia Craigslist under Services. She is billingual, very smart, savvy and non-judgemental about everything you want to know or go to. She is a safe driver and easy on the eyes.

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    • Michael
  • Hello , I can't reccomend enough the service of Estafania. She is very reliable for Airport Pick Up, a safe and courteous driver. Estafania also has many great recommendations for restaurants and things to do and see in Medellin. I have been escorted by her to clubs and have great experiences. Recently we went by Metro and Metro cable to Parque Arvie for a great afternoon of hiking and some nice hot coffee.

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    • Craig
  • I reached out to Estefanía for my first trip to Medellin and I have nothing but good things to say about her. She's trustworthy, delightful, and extremely reliable. A good tour guide for those like myself that are new to Medellin. She's also good for seasoned travelers as well. I will definitely use her services upon my return! 5 star review.

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    • Danny


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